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Impedance Transformer for Multiband Antenna
An impedance transformer, otherwise known as 1:n balun / unun. As you know, balun is a coupling network between balanced (such as dipole antenna)...

5/1/2017 5/1/2017: HF J-Pole Antenna (or NOT!)
Despite the long history and popularity of this antenna, there seem to be a lot of confusion about what this is and how it works...
4/11/2017 V/UHF Dual Band J-Pole Antenna
Back in June 2015, I think, I wrote about an odd-ball J-Pole antenna I was using for 2m and 440 at the base station here. It had an odd arrangement for...

Raising Copper-Pipe J-Pole Antenna
There is nothing novel or unique about a J-Pole antenna. But after a minor emergency here at W6SI...

Receivers / Transmitters
10/20/2015 New Receiver Architectures (Part 2)
What is K3S, and what’s so great about it? It still pretty much look like good ol’ K3 does it not?

New Receiver Archtectures
Just a few months ago, something astonishing has happened. Sherwood Engineering, known for its high performance receiver ratings, crowned a new transceiver to Flex Radio 6700.
Update on 6/26/16: A Reader Comment Added.


Medium Priced High Performance Rigs
Back from SW Division ARRL Convention in San Diego last weekend, one of the forum I particularly enjoyed was by Gordon Shackleford, AE6QW titled “Ultra High Performance HF Receivers: $1K to $18K Really?”...

Operations, Miscellaneous
4/13/2015 Akihabara2015: Root of My Electronic Hobby
I just came back from a trip to Japan. Stayed there for a couple of weeks, and had an opportunity to pay pilgrimage to my old root of electronic hobby, the famous town of Akihabara.

Thank you K1N... It was a Blast!
Navassa Island DX Pedition. We all heard about it, we all wanted to score. But the island is turned on after three decades of absence. The competition would be fierce.


How to Improve Transmit Audio of Yaesu FT7900 Transceiver
Have anyone told you that your transmission audio is low, even though the signal is full-quieting? Maybe there is a reason for it...

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