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Hello! Thank you for visiting my site.
This is W6Si (Tak Asami), a.k.a. JE1VMO
Mission Viejo, CA USA

operating at this QTH since Nov 25, 1997

W6Si is a ham radio station with its primary objective set for
Development, Study and Practice of

  • HF DX Communications
  • Communication Technology Development, in particular,
    - SDR
    - Digital modes
    - Antenna innovations
  • Sharing of knowledge & experience through networking with fellow Hams
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  W6SI's Technical & Not-so-Technical BLOG: (Index of Blog Entries)  


Recent Entries:  
  5/23/2017: Impedance Transformer for Multiband Antenna
An impedance transformer, otherwise known as 1:n balun / unun. As you know, balun is a coupling network between balanced (such as dipole antenna)...
  5/1/2017: HF J-Pole Antenna (or NOT!)
Despite the long history and popularity of this antenna, there seem to be a lot of confusion about what this is and how it works...
  4/11/2017: V/UHF Dual Band J-Pole Antenna
Back in June 2015, I think, I wrote about an odd-ball J-Pole antenna I was using for 2m and 440 at the base station here. It had an odd arrangement for...
  10/20/15: New Receiver Architecture Part 2
The secret of K3S and what's the big deal about its frequency synthesizer
  ... more (please see "Index of Blog Entries" for the full list)  
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  "Magnetic Loop Antenna" Series now in Chapter 5!!
You heard so much about this mysterious small loop antenna that works on all HF bands. A small size. Are they for real? How can that be?
Update (4/10/2018) "5. Automating Magnetic Loop Antenna (Part 2)"
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  "Mission Viejo Special Mark 2 Antenna" Coming Soon!  

"Mission Viejo Special" Antenna
A Mutiband antenna for DX operation in a deed restricted land...

THE NEW UPDATE is COMING for the Mark II antenna!!
Update (3/9/2015) "On The Air" page.


Low Cost SDR HF Receiver
Want a (very) low cost, competent HF/VHF/UHF all mode receiver? Here's how.

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VIDEO: Raising 20 Meter Beam Antenna (Jun 22, 2018)

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